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Domestic Fire and Gas Detection

Smoke, heat and CO detection system installation:

Fire detection equipment within homes and dwellings is now considered to be vital safety equipment which will provide assurance and more importantly, save lives.

Boyle Energy have a keen knowledge of al types of detectors and equipment available as well as a thorough understanding of how these devices work, what situations and locations they are suited for as well as exactly how and where to install them.

Although we have the ability to install all brands being marketed, Boyle Energy would strongly encourage the installation of ‘Aico’ devices due to their market leading quality and exceptional functionality and safety ratings. Boyle Energy pride ourselves as being Aico accredited installers, with all our employees very familiar with the selection, installation and commissioning of all Aico products.

Covering the whole of Edinburgh

There are 5 main areas where we can help with Commercial Fire Detection Systems


Ionisation Smoke Alarms

Best location: Bedrooms

These sensors use a minute radioactive source to detect smoke particles invisible to the eye. These particles are given off by fast burning, flaming fires fuelled with fabrics and bedding.

Used in kitchens, these devices would be prone to nuisance alarms caused by cooking fumes.


Optical Smoke Alarms

Best location: Living/dining room, hallways

Using infra-red beams, these sensors can pick up smoke from slow, smouldering burning such as electrical fires.

These may also nuisance alarm if fitted within kitchens.


Heat detector

Best location: Kitchen, garage

A temperature sensor or ‘thermistor’ located within this device, will only detect changes in temperature and generally will alarm at anything greater than 58 degrees Celsius.

These are not advised to be fitted in other domestic areas due to there more delayed response time.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Best location: In vicinity to boiler

Using an integrated gas sensor to detect high or potentially dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in the atmosphere, these alarms are key in protecting home dwellers from this invisible silent killer. These devices are usually located within the close vicinity to boilers and other fuel burning appliances, ensuring that the CO parts per million (PPM) remain within safe levels.


Interlinked Alarms

It is now a legal requirement that all installed detectors are either linked by hard wiring or by wireless radio interlink. This allows the detectors to ‘talk’ to each other meaning that when one alarm sounds, they all do. There are also multi-function detectors which can cover several of the above mentioned detector functions which makes for a more intelligent and in consequence, safer system.

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