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We ensure your workforce and assets are well protected

Boyle Energy offer a full and comprehensive installation, commissioning and maintenance service which meets all commercial and industrial fire detection requirements. 

With our office based near the centre of Edinburgh, we have strategically placed personnel allowing us to provide to provide a fast response time and efficient service for both existing systems as well as new installations. All public and commercial buildings are required by both National and European laws to have a minimum level of fire alarm and detection equipment.

As such we are required to be maintained to accredited standards. Boyle Energy understand that businesses could do without the worry and hassle of each and every regulation or requirement which is why we offer a hassle free service, keeping your system well maintained and providing you with any additional support you may require, allowing you to get on with your job in hand.

Covering the whole of Edinburgh

There are 6 main areas where we can help with Commercial Fire Detection Systems


Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance

It is known that eighty percent of businesses and organisations who suffer from the event of major fires, cease trading within 3 years which really emphasises the importance of putting a fire protection system at the top of your to do list. This investment provides business owners with the peace of mind that their employees, premises and irreplaceable equipment and data are well protected. They also give staff an early warning allowing them to safely leave the building to a muster point.

There are several systems listed below, all approved by BAFE which ensure your business complies with current Fire Safety Law. Boyle Energy are approved to fit any of these systems also ensuring that you are full compliant.


Twin Wire Fire Alarm System

Although similar to the conventional system, the advantage of this type is that you are able to put the sounders on the same circuit as the detecting devices saving the time and cabling it would take to wire additional sounder circuits.


Addressable Fire Alarm System

Within this system each individual device has it’s own identity or address, allowing users to identify the exact locations of faults or alerts. These are ideal in large scale premises such as offices, hotels and large factories.


Wireless Alarm System

Radio (wireless) systems are much the same as the addressable setup although additionally benefiting from not requiring cabling to interlink panels and devices. These suit areas where covering multiple buildings such as education facilities and hospitals.


Conventional Fire Alarm System

With the more basic of system requirements, designed for small premises such as shops, guest houses, nurseries, warehouses and other small businesses


Remote Monitoring

These systems have the option of being remotely monitored from other locations and can also be connected via phone/data link to alert emergency services.

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